Jason D. AZ 9-18-14

Hello folks at Shernic Gun Works,

My name is Jason D. and I work with Arizona Response Systems here in Surprise, AZ. I had the opportunity to do a build for a friend on your stock system this last month and would love to tell you how much fun it has been. This system is a great way to bring an old SKS in to the 21st century.

Having had a barely used SKS this configuration allowed for the better balance and weight distribution of the bullpup without sacrificing much in the way of trigger performance. I’m very pleased with it. We did do a few things to it because of course we are gun nuts and have tools so that was bound to happen. So I wanted to give you a bit of feedback on the product and show you what we had come up with.

The stock worked quite well on the Yugo SKS and demanded very little fitting.

I am very pleased with the trigger mechanism I really expected to lose performance here and am impressed with the efficiency of your design

The MIL-STD-1913 rail was just a touch narrow in the molding I received and as such lends itself easily enough to a screw on mount but was not easily interchangeable with my ARMs mount when I needed to switch to a back-up during initial range testing.

The number of brass screws required to put this thing together and take it down again nearly put me off it in my initial research on the project. I do so hope you can find a more utility friendly fastening system for the top cover as it can be a bear. (I am glad that I read many reviews. I am overall much more satisfied with your stock than I believe I would have been with your competitors’)

And finally I wanted to show you a little something we came up with to add rigidity to the Extended magazine Release lever. By adding a shim between the Butt stock portion and the main stock I managed to eliminate flexing that occurred during magazine release allowing us to execute reloads more smoothly. You may consider something like this in future version or possibly including screw mounting in the receiver portion of the stock along side of the magazine release. I also added a rivet from an AK through the contact point to fit the lever tightly to the magazine release.

Again Thank you for this ingenious little stock! What a wonderful and economical way to break into a bullpup configuration and really get the most out of an old SKS!

Pictures included.

Jason D. AZ 9.18.14_6 Jason D. AZ 9.18.14_5 Jason D. AZ 9.18.14_4 Jason D. AZ 9.18.14_3 Jason D. AZ 9.18.14_2 Jason D. AZ 9.18.14

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