Jason G. NE 2/27/18

Modified Archangel for SGW’s Forward Moving Lug

Arc angel LVX AALVX35

As a Sks owner i thought about upgrading my gun into a more modern looking gun and that’s when i found SGW bullpup system and can say i’m loving it, so when the FML was announced I bought one right away. I was excited, finally decent mags instead of that duck bill thing. Yes it sucked cause i had to wait almost a year to get it, but Dang it, it was finally shipped out. Boy did i get a shock….  Like more consumers we wanted it fast and easy and when i opened the package i found out i was going to have to do a little gunsmithing. What do i know about gunsmithing? Well ill tell you, idiot and stupid had a kid and i was it, I had no idea what to do and even when i stopped and read the info and than finally found the youtube videos, i was still freaked out. What do freaked out people do?

They make mistakes, and boy did i. To start out i put off time on doing anything to buy mags, did i check what type?  NOPE…… So since it was a ak47 type conversion i bought ak style mags. Once i got those i didnt have an excuse and got right into the build. Following the Youtube video step by step was easy and it much easier than i thought, boy was it a pretty sight, not only was it my first time doing any real gunsmithing but it was perfect.

But now for the mag……

I put my first mag in and its didnt work, nothing connected, the mag wouldn’t stay in, crud there was a freakin 1/2 inch with nothing there holding it. So i looked on the site again and something caught my eye about mag modification. I thought No Way, this has got to be a joke. I bought an ak mod to shoot ak style. Always remember to do your homework on what your buying. I needed to make sure i wasn’t looking at thing wrong, so i sent in an email and also made a call to be on the safe side. Well i felt stupid, i bought 3 ak47 mags that i cant use, so back to the start. I decided to rewatch the mag mod video and ended up buying a tapco 20 just like in the video, but i wanted more ammo in the mag. I also bought an archangel 35 which looked like i might be able to make work as well. Once those got in i started the mod on the tapco, I followed the video step by step again and IT WOULDN’T SEAT ARGGggggg…….. After email and calls to SGW i found the problem. the SKS mags need to have ammo in the spring slot to get the clearance needed to work right. for some reason if your mag is empty when you try and put it in, the ammo plug in the spring chamber of the mag gets in the way and it can’t line up correctly. drop a bullet in the mag and it works the way it should, really weird. Oh and if your wondering if the Archangel 35 worked… it modified like the tapco just fine, its close and as of this post im sending in i haven’t fired either mags yet but they both seat great and the cycle thru and eject like before i put the FML in so we will see. Oh Yeah the Archangel 35 comes with an extended mag release, so if you don’t have one, its a bonus but it might get a little caught up in your mag holder.

Hopefully this goes thru and give you an idea what the archangel looks like once its modified close to the way the tapco was. The first 3 pics and the last are of  the mag itself and the 4th-5th are of the mag in the gun, one with it seated with the FML in front and the in gun in back, which shows the mags extended release ready to be used.  The last pic shows the FML and the archangel mag seated together and there no issues. I have NOT fired the gun but the bolt and ammo eject are working great.

Time to clean it up, adjust the FML for the mag and get it all together to try it out.

SGWorks’s  Response:

Thank you Jason for the feedback and post. The only exception we would take with the information you gave is that you can install empty mags with the Forward Moving Lug. We have found that the top of the magazine needs to be parallel with Main Housing when inserting the magazines. It takes a little practice getting used to this positioning as you never had to do this with an SKS duckbill magazine. In fact, using empty mags to practice inserting and removing the magazines, will help you become very proficient in loading and unloading magazines from the firearm.

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