Jason S. KY 2-23-13

WOW. What a great product. Just made this my favorite gun again. Took about 4 weeks to receive but well worth it. It was far easier to assemble then I expected. Took about an hour and a half to put together with all the accessories I added. I would have liked to see the top rail a bit longer in the rear end. Other then that this machine is perfect. Chinese SKS type 56, with muzzle break, recoil buffer, Ultrafire flashlight, Eotech red dot scope, Troy Industries flip up sights. I had to remove one of the spacers to make it fit. That is it no shaving of anything. Love it can’t wait to get my next one in. Ya By the way please send another bullpup please. Thanks Jason

Jason S. KY 1

Jason S. KY 2Jason S. KY 2nd AmmendmentJason S. 4 KY

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