Jeff D. GA 1/8/18

Here is what my Norinco SKS with 16 1/2″ barrel looks like.  Great product.  Here’s my Norinco SKS with the bullpup kit. Personally, I really like this product.  Total OAL is 26 3/4″,  barrel OAL is 16 1/2″. The weight is a bit hefty, about 9 1/2  to 10 with a 20 round mag.  But then again, it’s an SKS. Other than that, hoping for a left hand bolt something so I can save my dental work, but for now, a combination shell deflector and barrier keeps that from being a problem.


We do not recommend our stock kit for left handed shooters (the bolt carrier handle will knock out your teeth); however, we know someone who does quality work and has come up with a modification using the SGWorks Bullpup Stock Kit. Please contact us for more information:

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