Jimmy C.

This is a side by side image before I took it apart and made the change. The barrel was that blue/gray color when I bought the SKS back around 1993 and it came with the green sporter stock. The black color is the stock color of the Sherni…c stock. I just bought the other items to match the texture and color. The rails that hold on the flash light and laser is really the same black color as the stock but it reflected in the photo. I did spray the black on the muzzle break and it was engine spray paint to handle heat…not that I need to since in CA you can’t auto fire! I watched the installation video on YouTube as I put it together and that made it real easy. I did have some problems because my SKS was put together tight so I had lots of trouble taking the front site off and also putting the trigger assembly on the new stock. I had some rubber clamps that made things MUCH easier when I needed to squeeze things. The Shernic stock is great quality and tough. They mention filing part of the Shernic stock down on some models because of different SKS designs. I had to file but it was easy if you do it little by little so you get a good tight fit. I can’t wait to go shoot it!


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