John H. 9-19-12

SG Works:

I know you are probably getting tons of these emails now that in the past few weeks you have really stepped up the shipping of production orders from a huge backlog, but the wait from May of 2011 was very much indeed worth it. I have attached some pictures of my build. My SKS rifle build is only 27″ long. Down from the previous 48″ with the old Tapco Fusion stock. My barrel has been shortened to 16.5 inches, it was threaded with 14mm LH threads to take the 3″ Razor Muzzle Brake, which makes my rifle only 30″ long overall. I have applied a NcStar 6-position fore grip and what is really nice is when the grip is folded back, the angle of the bottom of the fore grip matches the same angle as the trigger guard on your stock kit. The pictures also show a Tru-Glow Holo sight on the top rails. The gun is really well balanced,  very solid, and my point of aim and target acquisition is greatly improved over the previous “long gun” configuration. Took about an hour to finish, checking fit along the way.

The stock and the design feels good in my hands, and does not feel “cheap” in any way. My friends are all asking where did I get this. I of course have already sent some more orders your way. Thanks for kit, and the design which is very innovative to update the old SKS platform.

Thank You

John H.


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