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Good Morning,

I installed one of your kits on an SKS that I have had sitting in the back of my gun safe for 15 plus years. I am very happy with it, and now the SKS is back in service. It is such fun to shoot. I will attach a picture of the finished piece. I had one difficulty, the spent brass would not clear the ejection port consistently. I removed some material from the cover and it works perfectly.

Picture attached Thank You, John

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Very nice build. Between 1 and 2% of our customers have the issue with the spent brass having a difficult time clearing the ejection port. We have come to find out the issue is directly related to a higher than usual ejection angle, typically around 12:00-12:30. Our solution has been to slightly steepen the rear wall of the ejection port.

We would like to see what you did with the door in order to alleviate the problem. The bottom 60% of the pic you sent is completely covered in white. Could you resend a pic showing the door? It would be greatly appreciated.


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Good Afternoon, Attached are the pictures of the modification I made to the loading door(flap). I noted where the spent brass was hitting the underside of the door and cut back only enough to allow the brass to clear. I angled the long cut to assist the brass to clear. Thanks, John

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