Justin M. SC 2-19-15


I have just assembled my new SGworks bullpup stock with my Yugo SKS,
needless to say I am completely satisfied with the results.  I did a trigger
job on the sear in the trigger group and it removed a good portion of the
“creep” and along with the provided linkage, I’ve never felt a smoother
shooting rifle!  The previous owner of the SKS did a number on the barrel
with a hack saw, so I took it down to a friends’ metal shop and had him mill
the barrel smooth.  After threading and re-crowning the barrel, I installed
a slip on barrel shroud and secured it with the provided set screw and the
mussel brake. The gun holds zero and is wonderful to shoot. My only question
is, have you guys thought of manufacturing a forward charging handle? I have
a few Ideas, but I would hate to ruin a good thing… thank you for all the
hard work and for producing such a great product!!!


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