Kendell W.


I received and installed my bullpup stock today, and I have to say, i was very impressed by the quality and how well the stock was put together. The hardest part was filing the wood to fit my gas tube, the rest was cake! Install was easy and the gun handles great, the extended mag release was a nice bonus, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my tri-rail mounted up so i can attach my the grip i bought for it. Even with the cheap-o red dot sight that I’m using for now, the gun felt very well balanced and was a blast to shoot, almost like a new gun entirely :] Thanks again for the excellent product and service, I look forward to future products through ya’ll!


From his review on SKS Boards:

installation was a breeze, hardest part for me was filing down the wood in the front handguard, as i had to do it with file and dre…mel like i would have preferred. i only had 30 rounds layin around, but i had a blast shooting each and every one of them. the stock is near perfect to my expectations, some rough edges, but nothing 2 seconds of filing couldnt even out. deff nothing thats gonna wipe the smile off my face every time i pick it up. it’s a little intense being that close to the action when the thing goes off, but nothing really worth fearing. the stock itself feels solid and tight. i think my trigger may need some fine tuning, but other than that she’s mechanically sound. all i want now is the rails for my tri-rail mount and then i’ll be 100% satisfied. well worth the wait, if i had the choice, even knowing it would take a 13 months to actually get it, i’d buy it all over again.

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