Latest News 8-4-09

As you can see, we are on the eve of August 5 and we still have been unable to set up a photo gallery with close up pics, a spread of our bullpup stock kit parts or an installation video.  As a result of the economy, our designer has had to make staff cuts and relocate.  He has had difficulty meeting the time line that we had previously agreed upon.  We are expecting our final prototype any day now.  As we have not been able to supply pertinent information regarding the stock, we are extending the “Limited Time Special Offer”.   As soon as we post the photo gallery and video, we will inform you as to how long our special offer will be extended.

On another note, we were able to make a minor but very important change before it was too late.  We have lowered the sight rail all the way down to the upper hand guard.  The sight rail was originally elevated in order to clear the rear leaf site after it was folded forward.  We had gotten stuck on the idea that we wanted the stock installation not to require any modification or removal of anything.  Upon discovering how easy it is to remove the rear leaf sight as well as feedback, we decided to make the change.  It does make for a much better cheek weld.  We have our prototype set up with folding back-up sights at each end of the rail with our optic in the middle.  In addition to better function, we feel it looks better as well.

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  1. strong_bad says:

    Sounds great.

    I am glad to hear that you are listening to the feedback from your future customers. Moving the sigh rail down is a great idea, and I am glad that it was done.

    It is also encouraging to hear that the folding backup sights work well. Hopefully the sight rail will be firmly attached enough to the body of the SKS to hold a proper zero.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the updated photos, video, and assembly images. I am also looking forward to seeing how the rifle looks and operates with Tapco 20 round magazines.

    Has any additional thought or consideration been given to a forward grip? Perhaps something as simple as a lower Picatinny rail area where a front grip or flashlight or something could be placed by the buyer.

    It appears that there is sufficient area in front of the hand-guard for something like this. Very much like the Steyr AUG.

    Thank you for the updates. Best of luck moving forward.

  2. sportryder says:

    I am absolutely amazed with the look, function and idea of this product, I have already pre-purchased one and intend to purchase more down the road. If anyone is having doubts about pre ordering this product then now is the time to realize that products like this require the support of people just like you. We are the audience of these products and it’s our responsibility to support it because we haven’t done the hard work or taken the time to design it, we should at least support them and help get them on the market. This is a product that has been priced unlike competitive markets not to gouge you, but allow us the general market the chance to afford, enjoy and utilize such an effective means of defense. If we don’t self fund this project then some large scale investor like Tapco, Knoxx or ATI might and I like the idea of supporting a superior product to an inferior group amongst the competition. That’s our responsibility.

    Now on to some specific questions I had regarding this stock. Felt obligated to ask and maybe address some topics that could improve this awesome product. After watching your video endlessly I could see the cheek weld issue that the stock originally had, it required you to hold your head much higher to look through the scope. However I’m concerned about a couple things. If the sight rail is all the way to the hand guard now so you can get a better cheek weld, does that require you to put your head further forward near the ejection port?

    I have watched the video multiple times and am having troubles trying to picture how the butt of the stock is going to fit properly in your shoulder and still allow your head to get low enough to look through
    an iron sight or scope. I checked other bullpup rifles like the Steyr Aug and with that rifle the sight rail
    is still pretty high and the area where your head sits is perfectely situated just behind the ejection port, also the butt shoulders up well in this position. Some other bullpups have a very low sight rail but they have also designed the ejection port to eject casings out from the side of the firearm.

    My main question is, can you put the stock into your shoulder and look through a scope comfortably with the sight rail lowered to where it is now? Does this require you to put your face further forward over the ejection port now? Is there a smooth cheek rest location to accommodate this new revision? To me it looks like the loading hinged door would cause a potential danger zone to your face.
    It doesn’t look very smooth either. When you add the new pics could you include at least a pic of this new rail location and someone actually holding the firearm looking through a scope with the new cheek weld location. I think we need to see this new firing position illustrated.

    Last question is, how does the safety work? I read you are keeping the safety bar mechanism. Does that mean the flip down trigger guard safety stays in the same spot and works the same way. I don’t see the safety trigger bar on the video. I take it the original trigger and guard are hidden in the butt of the stock but how did you implement the original safety to work outside the new butt?
    Thanks for your reply, fire on.

    Previous Canadian Soldier
    with the Candian Forces.

  3. Jay O'Connor says:

    That awsome
    It gives me more time to buy it. I also can’t wait to see how the tapco 20 rounder looks like. It would also be good for an additional rail or something. like strong said.
    Good luck and keep the great work and can’t wait to see the video.
    Thanks again for the updates.

  4. Dan Huggett says:

    This all sounds great. Do you guys have an updated timeframe for the additional videos/photos? Looking foreward to seeing them, checking the sight very regularly. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  5. Kevin Florey says:

    The changes sound like it will only make things better. A folding front pistol grip like the AUG would finish off the bullpup profile so a short rail under the forearm would be a great idea.
    Keep up the good work and the close up stills of the final product will seal the deal.

  6. Jeremy C says:

    If you guys keep asking for more the Bullpup well never be completed. Put your money were your mouth is and buy one like I did. I liked the carry handle my self but if it well perform better with the rail lower then I’m all for it. If you keep the GS guys answering questions they cant get any hands on work done.

  7. glaros says:

    @sportryder, thanks for the supportive words. You will be very pleased with the sight rail lowered. It doesn’t cause your face to get any closer to the hinged door and is very smooth. You should see some video next week illustrating this. Our safety bar works the same way as the stock SKS safety. The only thing the SKS safety lever does is prevent the trigger from being pulled. In fact, that is one reason the SKS has such a hard trigger pull, it is designed that the sear does not easily slip and release the hammer. Our safety bar, when engaged, prevents the forward mounted trigger from being pulled.

  8. glaros says:

    @Dan Huggett, yes, if everything goes to plan, we will be making a couple of videos and closeup pics this next week.

  9. glaros says:

    @Jeremy C, you go Jeremy! 🙂

  10. glaros says:

    @strong_bad, If everything works out we will be working on some videos and closeup pics this next week. And yes, we are working on the forward grip as an accessory.

  11. I have a concern though with the safety lever you have for the forward grip.

    This would mean the original safety would need to be unlatched as well and would mean the actual firearm would always be in ready position and the forward trigger would not be.

    I’m sure it wouldn’t go off but SKSs do slam fire sometimes and that might be a safety concern.

    Is there a way you could just use the original safety with this setup to prevent such an accident?

  12. James Swayne says:

    I have already purchased the stock as well as a chinese SKS that looks brand new. I already have it out of the old stock cleaned up and just itching to find a home in this bullpup stock. I am disapointed about the delay but like everyone else said it is better to find issues now before mass production. I do have a question how is the trigger for the bullpup obviously we wont be using the original trigger. Roughly what is the trigger pull and anything else you can tell us about it. In the video it seems pretty sharp. Also any ideas on different color stocks like flat dark earth, olive drab,and so on. Since we have time now I am going to go ahead and order a desert camo kit from duracoat firearms finishes.
    Nice work cant wait to recieve the product. I will continue to put the word out at the local range. Thanks again.

  13. Dan says:

    I know you guys have the compliancy info on your page. I was wondering if you could list a few compliants parts that will work with your system, witout interference. Just a list so we can weigh our options. I personally am trying to keep the original magazine, and am trying to figure out what else i will need to keep it legal.
    p.s. you may eventually want to set up somthing to sell a comliance kit with stock and other parts, to make it easy for your consumers.(i know this is early, bieng the stock is not on the market yet im just excited to see the final outcome, and buy one)

  14. glaros says:

    @Dan, as we live on the west coast, we had to set up our prototype utilizing the original 10-round box magazine. We began with a Yugo 59, which does not have a grenade launcher. We had to remove (4) regulated parts. We removed the stock, replaced the gas piston, removed the upper hand guard, and replaced the original trigger with our trigger link-which is a small link that looks exactly like the upper portion (above the pivot pin) of the original trigger. We ended up with bullpupped SKS with only 10 regulated parts. I believe that if you would like to keep the original magazine, you will have to do the same, unless there are some additional compliant parts out there that I am unaware of.

  15. glaros says:

    @James Swayne, the trigger virtually duplicates the trigger pull of whatever SKS our stock is installed on. I say virtually, because it doesn’t quite duplicate the pull, but it is very close. The forward trigger operates the stock trigger via a hardened steel wire which pulls the trigger (above its pivot pin) with what we call a trigger bar. The trigger bar pivots and utilizes as much leverage as we could design into it. As of right now our first run is all black, but we are looking into the possibility of running a percentage of them in dark earth and olive drab.

  16. Ronin says:

    I will be preordering one once the new pics are posted. However I do have a question. Is there any particular reason the YouTube clip does not show the use of detachable mags, and it was written that ak and tapco mags works. Could you elaborate on that for me please. Thank you for your inventiveness and congrats on an impressive new product!

  17. glaros says:

    @Josh from Alabama, Our safety bar works the same way as the stock SKS safety. The only thing the SKS safety lever does is prevent the trigger from being pulled. In fact, that is one reason the SKS has such a hard trigger pull, it is designed that the sear does not easily slip and release the hammer. Our safety bar, when engaged, prevents the forward mounted trigger from being pulled. If your SKS slam fires with the original safety off, it will also slam fire with the original safety on. We believe the entire SKS fire control group would have to be completely redesigned to prevent such an accident.

  18. glaros says:

    When we made the first video we were still working on our detachable magazine enhancement lever which makes for extremely fast removal of detachable magazines. We will posting a video this next week showing our bullpup using detachable magazines with our new release lever.

  19. Obey Wann says:

    I’ve been following this since it was first posted on the SKS boards… first, I want to say thanks for going through the effort to get us a working bullpup stock for the SKS. I can’t wait to see the pics, videos and hopefully a review so we know more of what we’re getting.

    Also, I’d like to put in an additional request for a forward rail that will allow for a vertical handgrip, lights, etc. I’m concerned about the barrel heating up, and not having a good spot to grab. Also, I’m very interested in the possibility of the stock being Flat Dark Earth or OD.

    Please keep up the good work, and let’s see those pics!

  20. glaros says:

    @Obey Wann, we are working on an accessory that would mount on the front for vertical hand grip, lights etc. You can see our prototype on our next video using detachable magazines.

  21. Dan in PA says:

    @Dan in PA, PS: as much as everyone seems to need a light on theyre gun, i think it looks good. if you need a light, you probably don’t need a scope. Verticle grips are less comfortable than a regular grip. maybe i just don’t get as excited by gadgets. i just don’t want to see your design lose functionallity for a flashlight.

  22. strong_bad says:

    What is the status of the new videos and photos? I am very much looking forward to seeing everything come together, and I am 90% certain I will be ordering a stock with with my birthday money in a couple of weeks.

    Do you have an idea how much longer the introductory pricing will be good for?

  23. Jay O'Connor-Irishmen 74 says:

    As Strong says. I to await for the new videos and photos. I will be pre-ordering soon. Hoping to by this week. thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

  24. glaros says:

    @Dan in PA, the front grip will be optional accessory.

  25. Randy says:

    Eagerly awaiting new pics and videos. I want one or two if happy with the new info.

  26. Ax-Man says:


    I am really looking forward to the new pics and vids! I first saw the kit in Shotgun News and fell in love. I really regretted having to sell my numbers-matching Russian SKS. In anticipation of this product I am on the hunt for a Norinco Paratrooper. What a combo.

    I’m glad to hear that you are making provision for detachable magazines and a front grip. The muzzle climb was very noticeable in your vids. That and a good muzzle brake should make this thing a joy to shoot!

    Please keep us informed!!


    By the way, you should really start posting on the Survivor SKS forum – too much speculation and not enough information. . .

  27. Dan in PA says:

    hey guys. still very excited about this product. my problem is i am currently debating on buying an sks especially for your stock, i was wondering if there is a chance you would snap a pic of the stock at its current stage, and email it to some of us that are waiting so patiently to see your product.
    i do understand you need a nice gallery of pics, and a bunch of work to put it on your site. but a snapshot of the stock on a workbench would be enough for me to buy. thanks.

  28. James says:

    +1 on pic/vid sit-rep, great idea to lower the scope rail.
    keep up the good work

  29. Dan in PA says:

    Are you guys still around. Haven’t seen any activity for days. Still waiting for updates.

  30. Dan in PA says:

    wow. nice.

  31. JiroZero713 says:

    I just saw the new video and I am amazed….on thing I noticed though did you add something where the magazines can be detached easier? If that is the case I might change my mind and just use the Tapco 20 Rounders anyway instead of the stripper clips.

  32. strong_bad says:

    I am impressed with the design changes. The lower sight rail seems much better, and more usable. And the mag release seems like a very good design.

    And I may be wrong, but it appears that the lower rail is optional? If so, that is a pretty good compromise for those that do not want it. Although, it would seem to make more sense in my mind to have it directly on the stock.

    Not bad though, even if the forward grip is too large. I don’t know if it is an aftermarket grip or not, but it looks to be about 3 inches longer than it should be. On the Steyr AUG, the forward grip is about right at about half an inch shorter than the rear grip.

    It is also good to see the 20 and 30 round mags being used. The fixed 10 or Tapco 20 seem to work very well with the size of the rifle.

    All I am waiting on now is some photos of the stock and photos/answers to many of our questions about the trigger linkage.

    I am very encouraged to see you utilizing feedback in finalizing the design. And I enjoyed the selection from the Braveheart soundtrack. Be safe though, and keep you finger off of the trigger until your sights are on target and ready to fire.

  33. ATX says:

    After reviewing the new video, I feel like I opened a box of chocolates investing into this thing… Now I don’t know what to expect? I know Shernic is under constant attack by their critics and fans to change this and try that, but I’d really wish they would shut the hell up so Glaros can finalize this design instead of feeding the whimsical wishes of wishy washy fans and critics. Offering one product and then giving another is not good business sense, normally you come out with your base product and then come out with a selection of different styles and models to choose from for your more discriminating knit picking consumers. Just because one individual says it will work one way for them, doesn’t neccessarily mean that everyone else will like it, that’s why you have a selection of different models. So far, all I’ve seen from Shernic is a product underconstruction, and far from finalization, which raises the concern “Am I going to be satisfied with this product”? “Am I going to appreciate all these design changes everyone else wants”? “What if I don’t like the changes, what if I want the original instead? I don’t know, I have no idea what I just bought, or when, or if, I’m going to get it, all due to the interference of over zealous critics and fans… Are ya’ll with me so far? Good! Now shut up!

  34. Dafey says:

    Looks good!

  35. Van says:


    ATX; you got it!!!! Let the guys that are building it build it! I am sure they will come up with more stuff in the future such as gadgets and nick-nacks you can add on, but for now let them get the base model out and I will buy it, no questions asked!

  36. strong_bad says:

    Am I the only who is getting concerned about the lack of updates?

    I know they are having some trouble with their designer, and things are delayed, but it would be very reassuring to at least get some kind of update.

    Even if it is just a “sorry for the delay”, but some kind of indication as to when a product will be available. It certainly does not appear that products will be delivering at the end of this month.

  37. David Harmon says:

    i agree the video came up with no additional updates and thats all there has been not even been a response to the chat forums , it is concerning. Im starting to worry if this is a scam though i dont belive it is, hopefully there will be an update soon i know ive been drolling over this kit since i found the website.

  38. ATX says:

    I haven’t heard anything from Shernic either, but, all I do know is that if I don’t have this “new and improved” stock kit in my hot little hands by the end of this month as promised,… I WILL BE ASKING FOR MY MONEY BACK.

  39. strong_bad says:

    Well, I have looked through all of the comments in each of the threads, and the last “comment” I see from “glaros” (of any kind) was from August 15th.

    That would mean that in 7 days it will have been a month without any updates on forward progress, reasons for delay in new photos/details, or answers to any of the questions in these forums (yes, there was a very interesting video on 8/21, but nothing else).

    In my mind if I am paying for a future product, I am paying with confidence that the future product will be delivered in a timely manner. Timely may mean sticking to the original stated date to some, but I prefer to take a more flexible stance. As long as my confidence is unshaken.

    As long as I am informed of a delay and the cause, and am still reassured and confident in the follow-through, I will be patient. I don’t necessarily need to have this very cool product in my hands at the end of September, as I want to be understanding of the difficulties that have been encountered.

    I did speak with someone on the phone last week and was informed of an issue with a CAD designer who was dragging his feet and holding the whole process up. That is unfortunate for all involved, and I hope it is resolved quickly.

    If this is really causing the delay, then I am still going to be patient, because it would appear there are problems outside of “glaros” control. It would however be VERY reassuring to get some kind of update on the status of everyone’s paid orders.

    I am ready to be understanding and sympathetic to “glaros” in whatever situation there is, but it will be very difficult to do so without any additional information to go on.

    If another week goes by without any updates or comments of any kind, it will become increasingly difficult to remain patient and understanding. My confidence will have been quite shaken.

    I have up to this point been very impressed with the attention given to (future) customer service, and to improvements made to the product. I hope that I will not have to have a change of heart.

  40. ATX says:

    I was promised delivery of this stock kit before the end of September, say what you will if I don’t have this thing delivered to my door by the end of this month, as promised… I WILL BE ASKING FOR MY MONEY BACK. With all due respect to Mr. Glaros and his associates, they need to get their business together and come up with a finished product before accepting orders from customers. If I would have known that this was A PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION, I would have waited until the final product was on the market and delivery’s were being made to happy and satisfied customers.

    From what I understood when I spoke to Mr. Glaros, was that this stock kit was currently being manufactured in China and they were waiting on the first shipment… That turns out not to be the case here if the stock kit I ordered is going through massive design modifications. Not to mention the fact that the Web and CAD designers apparently seem to be flaking off from what I gather here, things are not looking to well for Shernic Gun Works.

    No matter what problems they’re dealing with, let me make it clear that Shernics problems are not my problems. My problem is getting what I paid for by the end of this month, as promised.

  41. ATX says:

    I was promised delivery by the end of September. I have requested Mr. Glaros to post a date that I can expect delivery, my request has yet to be honored. Shernics problems are not my problems, my problem is getting what I paid for, if Shernic can’t deliver, that’s not my problem, my problem will be GETTING MY MONEY BACK.

  42. strong_bad says:

    See this thread for an update from “glaros”