Long Overdue 9-11-09

As some of you may know, there has been a change of date in our original plan in regards to shipment of our product. We had originally set deadlines, based on information given to us, in order to make the first shipment in late September. Due to a number of delays in the making of the tooling files we must unfortunately delay our shipping date.

At this present time, we are unable to estimate when that date will be. Hopefully, within the next week or so, we’ll have that information. The good news is, our manufacturer has received the finished design files for all the main parts for production, and will know very soon how long it will take to create them; with this in mind, watch for close up pics and an assembly video in the near future.

This delay is, of course, very disappointing for us, and we know it is for you as well. We also know there may be some of you who would not have taken advantage of our pre-order price if you had known that our shipping date would be later than the end of September. If this happens to be you and you prefer a refund, we only ask that you call us so we can determine the method of refund.

We want to assure our customers who have contributed to this product by pre-order that the only change we have made in our plans is the shipment date and that we are still going “full steam ahead” with the fulfillment of this product. Knowing that all you have is our word, we want to thank you for your patience and trust.

Finally, we would like to clarify how long our introductory price will be in effect. We believe that we had inadvertently told someone in an email that it would be in effect until the day we begin to ship. However, this was incorrect. Our introductory price will go until the date that we must make the final payment for the purchase and shipping of the tooling. After that date (we’ll post this date as soon as we have it) the retail price will then be in effect.

30 Responses to “Long Overdue 9-11-09”

  1. Roland says:

    Glad to hear of the update, and even happier to hear you were able to get the tooling files out. Look forward to seeing the updated pics and videos in the near future.

  2. Sounds good.

    You should really try to get on SKS boards since it’s going to that type of crowd and maybe post every week or so on the progress.

  3. James Swayne says:

    You have restored my confidence enough I feel ready to place my second order. I can already tell this stock is going to be a hit in my area and at the range. I am going to end up spending half my time at the range showing off the stock and explaining everything about it. I am going to paint one in desert camo and one in Blackhawk olive drab. Now I am getting excited again with the update on the manufacturing issues. Thanks and just please keep us informed it has been way to long since we heard from anybody and from what I could tell a lot of people were getting concerned.

  4. wartorn says:

    thank you for the update sg works. as pre-paid order customer, i am really excited about the stock and can’t wait to show it off at the range and clubs.
    you guys really need to get on sks boards and or surplusrifle.com forums – as your product is already making posts and blogs on both sites!
    thanks again – keep us informed

  5. strong_bad says:

    Well, I am very relieved to see this update on the status. I have been all over the place in my mind, and have many doubts about whether this product was going to come out anytime soon.

    It now looks like things are getting addressed and moving forward. I am really looking forward to the new photos and everything.

    I will be waiting for the new information with excitement.

  6. smileonempty says:

    will be pre-ordering within the week :] i’ve watched both videos numerous times and couldn’t be more excited. keep up the work guys, you’ve got a big hit on your hands

  7. steves says:

    question: why does the guy in the video#2 only shoot5-6 rounds per clip? is there a reason for this amount? is the system or laws there only allowing smaller cap mags and such.

  8. Ralph says:

    Is the stock still going to be made in America? Your first video states this, but some have been saying that it will be made in China. Is this correct? If so, how will this effect compliance?

  9. Obey Wann says:

    When I see pics and more details, I will consider pre-ordering. You have done a good job of proving that you’re still alive and moving forward. But honestly, I might have to wait until I see a review of the product at SKSboards.

    I want one, and if you can get a favorable review, I WILL order one.

  10. ATX says:

    Well I on the other hand am most disapointed. So basically Mr. Glaros your saying that the tooling files have yet to be delivered and the manufacturing process has yet to be begun, which means that it could take weeks or months before the final product is shipped from China? Am I right so far Mr. Glaros?

    Before I consider asking for a refund I am interested to know how much longer it will take for this thing to show up in my mail box? Please post this information as soon as it comes available Mr. Glaros, preferably by the end of September.

    Thank you.

  11. John says:

    This is from the second paragraph of Long Overdue 9-11-09.

    “The good news is, our manufacturer has received the finished tooling files for all the main parts for production, and will know very soon how long it will take to create them; with this in mind, watch for close up pics and an assembly video in the near future.”

  12. Josh in Afghanistan says:


    I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t worried. I’m not interested in a refund, though the fact that you offer it relieves me. I don’t come home on leave until the end of November, so the delayed ship date doesn’t really affect me (I hope). I can understand how some others may feel, though.

    Looking forward to installing and shooting stuff with your product. Please keep us updated more often, as communication would greatly alleviate some of our concerns.

  13. jason says:

    where is this being manufactured please tell e this isnt going to be chinese crap

  14. Josh from Arizona says:

    @Josh in Afghanistan, I agree completely that communication is the key. We’re all excited about this kit, and of course we’d all like to get ours as soon as possible! But delays on this kind of undertaking are not only understandable, but expected.

    Thanks again for the update SGW!

  15. Rigmarol says:

    I’m excited about the new product and I’m sure you guys are too. It’s like an over due baby isn’t it?

    I’ve already pre-ordered mine, and I understand things happen regardless of our best planning that push back the delivery date. I’d rather have it “right” than “fast”. So, good luck, best wishes and get it right even if it takes some extra time.

    Don’t let the “gimme it NOW” generation rattle you too much. Teach them a lesson and provide a great product and they’ll forget they had to wait.

  16. noz says:

    All right things are sounding good. I have a yugo waiting for the stock.

  17. Mile66 says:

    About a week ago I wrote that I had decided to place my trust on these guys, that I had submitted payment with Paypal, and that I was expecting some feedback, pictures/videos of the final stock posted on the website, and my stock in the mail as soon as possible. Nothing extraordinary for a paying customer, isn’t it? I also cited Paypal’s consumer protection policy that requires to file a claim up to 45 days of the transaction posting date for it to be effective. Again, nothing unusual from someone trusting his money to someone offering goods. Nothing to be afraid of if your plans are to deliver what has been promised. Right? Monday, as I visit the website looking for good news, I realize that my post was erased. DELETED. My posting wasn’t negative, and still was removed. I wonder which were the motivations for that? It’s scary what comes to mind first. Please tell me I have nothing to worry about, sir.

  18. ATX says:

    Anybody hear anything about a shipping date yet?

  19. Josh from Arizona says:

    @ATX, I emailed Shernic a few days ago. I’ll update here as soon as I get a reply.

  20. GunnyCannon says:

    Decided to check on delivery dates. I’m not real happy with my SKS in sniper configuration so am looking forward to your delivery. I will be 70 next month and am hoping I will not have to wait much longer than my 71 st birthday for the stock to reach me.

  21. Jack says:

    i waited 4 months for a 50cal. Leave the man alone! Everyone here knew the risk of ordering from a new company for a BAD ASS item? You wan’t it quicker? Offer the owner your help. or shut the F— up

    Jack D

  22. johnnyhandgun says:

    hello all, decided that I believe enough in the project that I would put my money down. I don’t even have an SKS right now so will have to round one up while waiting. I do have an SKS-D but doubt if ti will work but would be really sweet if it would. How about it Mr. Glaros? will it work on an SKS that takes AK mags?

  23. glaros says:


    The purpose was not to burn through a lot of ammo, but rather to see multiple magazine changes.

  24. glaros says:


    We aren’t sure where the China rumor started, but production must be in the US in order for it to be legal.

  25. glaros says:


    We aren’t sure where that rumor started, but in order to be legal, production must take place in the US

  26. glaros says:


    We hadn’t removed your posting, but we just had not had the chance to approve it. It’s been really crazy here and we struggle to keep up with all the comments and emails. We apologize for that; hundreds of postings take awhile to address.

    Please see our latest news postings. When we get our final prototype, we will be posting close up pics first thing.

    Sorry for the delay

  27. glaros says:


    Congrats on your 70th birthday! Happy birthday this month!

  28. glaros says:


    Yes it will!

  29. Starmeister says:

    Glaros, its been a month since your last update. What’s the latest?

  30. smileonempty says:

    i honestly hope youre joking, if not then check the home page under latest news and you’ll see that he updated 12 days ago…