Manufacturer Pics

We received word at the end of last week that all the molds had been cut and they were assembling them.  Today we received these pictures from the manufacturer.  We are waiting to receive word that the sample sets have been sent so we can inspect and approve.  To clarify any confusion, we expect shipping to commence in January, according to the time frames given to us by our manufacturer.

Upper Hand Guard/Sight Rail

Rear Upper Housing

Left/Right Pistol Grip

Left Butt

6 Responses to “Manufacturer Pics”

  1. lumberjack82nd says:

    These look fantastic!

    As soon as I saw your product I went ahead and bought one. Good things come to those who wait.

    I’m excited for your company as its clear that your in it to make a quality product.

    January cant get here fast enough.

  2. smileonempty says:

    great news! the pictures look fantastic indeed, looking forward to the install video and pics 😀 thanks for the update!

  3. prezrr says:

    Cool!! Hope to see more pics soon as well as some new video when you get samples.

  4. Thad says:

    Looking good! Is there one more piece, lower reciever/ mag section? Is it one piece or two?
    Come on Jan.

    -SGWorks- “Check out our latest post, it shows pics of all main parts!”

  5. nameless says:

    Looks awsome! Any idea if and when an install video will be posted?

    -SGWorks- We’re working as hard as we can to make time for an install vid this next week!

  6. atx says:

    Nice pics, it looks like you got the ball rolling there Mr. Glaros, good job. Im looking more forward to January than I am Christmas! Keep us posted when the first shipments will be going out so I know when to expect the kit.

    Thanks again and happy holidays.