Mark P.

I have 2 of these stocks and I could not be happier with my SG works kit (ok other than waiting on the tri-rail)! Seriously, this kit takes the SKS to a whole new level. Its brilliant. What a great design! I thought they were over the top when they said that trigger feel was improved, I failed to see how this could possibly be true, but it really is.. I am impressed and I don’t impress easily! I haven’t thrown the stock against a tree or anything extreme but it feels well made, solid, and looks great on the weapon. My wife who could not easily manage an SKS in any configuration felt that even the Yugo SKS in the SG works stock was manageable and that was with 3 broken ribs!!! It really does transform the weapon, get this stock before the price goes up. I think I would buy this without hesitation up to $179, at $199 its still a good deal, and when I purchased mine at $119, I feel like I stole it!
Downsides? Yes, some magazines won’t fit right out of the box. You’ve seen other posts to that effect, but I would not let this little detail stop you from making your SKS kick ass! For me, its either the traditional stock or the bullpup. All the others don’t really make sense anymore.
Great job SG Works! I hope you develop more quality products!

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