Matt M.

I Have plenty of guns and i like my sks bullpup just as much or better than my tact out sig 556 this stock is a highly engineered system of high grade plastic and great hardware not cheep screws that will strip if you put some torque on em there is a bit of filing for perfect fit but it is well worth it to spend as much time sanding off little bits at a time myn is snug and flush i have not seen any paratroopers up on the feedback so here .sgworks im glad i invested in your idea when i did so i could be apart of the posting of testimonials all i can say if you have an sks and you like the rugged features wait till you slap this kit on you will not want to put it down ive only had myn a few days but i even took it to church with me well not in the church but im sure you know what i ment.


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