Matt S. 03-11-15 MI

Received my kit yesterday, hurried home with all the excitement of Ralphie in A Christmas Story, Upon opening the box, I was more than impressed.  I was blown away with the quality and durability of this kit.  I went right to work on assembly, and with minimal work with my die grinder my new bullpup was assembled and ready to go in about an hour and a half.  Love the look, the feel, the quality this gun. This may not be my #1 battle weapon, but a damn fine piece. So glad to have it in my arsenal and at my disposal. I feel this is an awesome kit and more than worth the cost.  Shemeric Gun Works has taken an sks that I have owned for over 30 years and spent most of it’s time in the safe, and transformed it into a totally new weapon.  Effectively breathing new life into it and my love for the sks.  Thank you so much , and look forward to your future products.
                            Matt S.

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