Mick L. MD 3-27-13

Well, here’s my edition of the SGW SKS bullpup. My choice for the conversion is a Chinese Paratrooper model. I’ve been assembling and painting the attachment since I ordered. Got the stock two days ago started on it immediately. Started by custom painting camo OD green on certain parts. They show lighter in the pics than they really are. I like the look of the contrast. I’ve mounted a nice SightMark reflex sight, Magpul pop-up battles sights, Tapco RAZR muzzle break, LED light, green laser, and a folding forward grip. The assembly of the stock took about 2 hours with a bit of filing and Dremel work included. Took another hour to install all the other goodies. I’d rate it a 3-4 beer job. Now I need to get this baby out for a sight-in and sling some lead. I swear if this weapon fires as great as it feels and handles, it’ll be my go-to rifle if the s#@t hits the fan!

Many thanks to the great folks at Schernic for such an awesome and well engineered product. If you are considering ordering this set-up all I can say is JUST DO IT!. If your waiting for yours to ship, be patient. It’s well worth the wait.

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Mike L. MD

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