Mr. E. MI 11-25-12

got my stock pretty quick.  when I added the sks to my arsenal your wait time was quite long so I went with a folding ATI, I liked their stock well enough but it wasnt the most compact quickly shoulderable weapon i was hoping to build.  I ended up selling that whole setup to a friend when I saw that your turnaround time was down to less than 2 weeks.  I noticed that my stock still had some pencil layout marks on it which gave it a bit of handcrafted apeal which i think is pretty cool.

I had to thin out the mag well and the base of the handle to clear my ak mags but it works.  in the photo you can make out my mag release just behind the magazine.  I find it odd that some folks hate the stock mag, so they spend 60+ on a mag adapter and then nearly $20 each on tapco mags that they have to modify.  that puts their magazine setup for 6 mags(120 rds total) at $180 just to get rid of duckbills.  a 12 pack of beer got mine milled out then it was some bits of steel in my garage and i can throw 6 mags(180 rds) for less than $50- got 6 tapco 30 rd mags from cheaper than dirt for $48.

thanks for making a great product in the usa.  If you ever think of branching out to another model seems there arent many offering for a mosinnagant besides the ati monte carlo.  people are taking ati and tapco stocks for the sks and modding them to fit their mosins.  you come up with a good dragunov stock for a mosin and you have found yourself another milk cow

thanks again for the good work

Order date 11-8-12 Sent 11-15-12

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