FML update 9/25/17

To our chagrin and embarrassment we are still in a holding pattern awaiting the initial test run by the new die-casting company.

We are being told it will happen this next week.

In our last update, we had just received the latest shots and the parts were great. It was at this time we decided we would need an additional pad bringing the total to three and shorten one of the original two pads. We were told it would be a slam dunk to add the third pad, and we could go ahead and make arrangements to proceed with the first run.

We really felt we should test run the tool one more time, and it was right after that final test run that the falling out occurred between our tool maker and die-caster. The tool had been shimmed during the shots and the parts were out of dimension and with excessive amounts of flash. We believed it was for the best so we moved on to another die-caster.

During the past 7 years or so, the politicans in Sacramento have inadvertently driven a substantial number of die-casters either out of business or out of California. The ones who remain are very busy.

Anyway, it is our hope that as soon as the tool is test run this next week, we can go ahead and make arrangements for the first run to proceed. We will keep you posted.

We really appreciate your patience. Thank you.

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