News Update 8-4-09

As you can see, we are on the eve of August 5 and we still have been unable to set up a photo gallery with close up pics, a spread of our bullpup stock kit parts or an installation video.  As a result of the economy, our designer has had to make staff cuts and relocate.  He has had difficulty meeting the time line that we had previously agreed upon.  We are expecting our final prototype any day now.  As we have not been able to supply pertinent information regarding the stock, we are extending the “Limited Time Special Offer”.   As soon as we post the photo gallery and video, we will inform you as to how long our special offer will be extended.

On another note, we were able to make a minor but very important change before it was too late.  We have lowered the sight rail all the way down to the upper handguard.  The site rail was originally elevated in order to clear the rear leaf site after it was folded forward.  We had gotten stuck on the idea that we wanted the stock installation not to require any modification or removal of anything.  Upon discovering how easy it is to remove the rear leaf sight as well as feedback, we decided to make the change.  It does make for a much better cheek weld.  We have our prototype set up with folding back-up sights at each end of the rail with our optic in the middle.  In addition to better function, we feel it looks better as well.