Olek V. 9-29-14

Olek V. TN 10-1-14

A very clever and ergonomic adaptation seen at the Bullpup Conference. The stock was made by Shernic Gun Works, and the resulting contraption worked reliably with 20-round Tapco AK magazines. With the 2x pistol scope, it was quite accurate out to 200 yards. The owner plans on putting a 4x scope with a larger objective on next to improve the ability to see distant targets.

Olek V. TN 10-1-14 B

The bullpup is much shorter than the original rifle, a good deal lighter and better balanced. In my opinion, it lacks only a flash hider to be a viable fighting tool. I would have also preferred a red dot to the scope. Unlike the original, this one allows inserting magazine with the bolt closed.



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