Manufacturer Has Received Tooling/Costa Mesa Gun Show

Today, our long awaited tooling arrived at our molder’s facilities! We have not been given a date when our first run will occur but are hopeful that we will be able to begin shipping around the first week of April, or so. Tomorrow they will start to remove the protective coating, put there to prevent rust from occurring. They will lubricate the moving parts and treat the molds to aid in parts removal.

We will be shipping to all our pre-sale customers before any delivery of retail sales, either from our store page or gun shows, occur. The kits will be shipped according to purchase date, starting with the first month’s orders in July ’09. We feel that we will be able to process 100 kits per week.

In a few days we should be able to post the date when our pre-sale price of $119.96 ends. We hope to give around a week to ten days notice. We will also announce which month orders we are processing and will send a tracking number once we have processed each order. A signature will be required upon delivery.

We will be at the Costa Mesa Show this weekend on March 27 & March 28.

Updates will continue via our website and our Facebook fan page.

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