Preliminary Update #2 4-22-10

We were very disappointed to find out that our molder failed to meet the agreed upon schedule that we were given. We had a heart to heart with the owner on Tuesday and he had an in-house meeting with all the employees on what his expectations are for our job. Fortunately, the delay had nothing to do with our tooling, it was a couple of in-house issues. The owner was apologetic and renewed his commitment to stick with the new schedule. As of today, they have completed three of the molds and will complete the rest of the preliminary runs by Wednesday morning 4-28-10. Their words-not ours. We are talking with them daily to stay up to date with the progress. It has been confirmed that we will indeed need to have several jigs built to ensure the upper rear housing keeps its proper shape during the initial cooling process.

We recommend potential customers new to this site read our last couple of posts on our “Latest News”. We discuss the two accessories we are including in the kit as a thank you for your support and patience, as we work to bring you an affordable, effective stock.

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