Production Starting This Monday 5-10-10

The meeting we had with our molder this past Monday was very productive. We determined what kind of jigs we will need to correct the initial cooling issues of two of the parts. Our molder believes the jigs should be done by the first part of this coming week. It was confirmed today that the material for our first run will be in house this Friday 5-7-10. Tomorrow (Thurs.) our molder is beginning a third shift which will enable our molds, that don’t require jigs, to begin to be run Monday morning. To be clear, all of the molds will not be run on Monday morning. This process will take several days. We will have a better idea of how long this process will take after the first day or two. After the parts are produced, several of the parts will require inserts. Once completed, we will have to get the parts to our shop where the final bit of assembly and packaging will take place. We are getting very close to our final count down before shipping starts, which will end our 25% discount and 2 free accessories offer. Please refer to our earlier posts regarding any shipping questions.

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