Receiver Cover Assembly Upgrade

We know this has been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to begin offering our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit with the Receiver Cover Assembly upgrades.

The upgrades consist of three items: A steel hold down latch tab to replace the thin plastic piece that locks the receiver cover assembly to the main body, a flip door hinge which is anchored on both sides with machine screws, and a low profile steel flip door lever to replace the reinforced nylon lever.

We are also using thumb screws to secure the upper hand guard in place, so it can be removed without the use of tools. And lastly, we are doing away with the steel lanyard that was used to prevent the receiver cover assembly hold down pin from slipping out. Since the Receiver Cover Assembly now has a steel hold down latch tab, we were able to go with a quick release pin.

We are also increasing the cost of the stock kit by $25.00. Our last price increase was January of 2011. This present increase is not a cost of living increase, but a cost of upgrade increase. It is still our goal to keep the price of our kit affordable for the greatest number of customers.

We did however want to provide some notice to our customers and potential customers before raising the price of our bull-pup kit over night. So, we will not put the price increase into effect until the first of December. And as a small token of our appreciation for our customer base and supporters, beginning Monday the 25th, 2013, all SKS Bullpup Stock Kit orders shipped out will have the upgraded Receiver Cover Assembly, as well as thumb screws to secure the Upper Hand Guard. The $25.00 price increase will take effect at 12:01 AM on December 1, 2013.

We will also be offering the parts of the upgrade as a kit to our prior customers at our cost. One thing we did not want to do, is create a new RCA as part of an upgraded stock that would not work for prior customers. We wanted to keep the upgrade as inexpensive as we could. The upgrade is an easy home install for most. We will have links to “how to” videos on our web site, so that those who are interested can take a look at what all is involved before deciding. For those who have already purchased and would like the upgrade but have neither the time or the desire or both, you can send us your Receiver Cover Assembly and for a modest fee, we will upgrade your receiver cover and send it back to you.

The question has been raised, “why do we need to pay you for an upgrade on a bad design?” In reality, just less than 5% of our customers ever have any issue with the flip door, lever, or rear hold-down latch tab. And most of those are the result of a very high ejection angle that some SKS’s have. We have a number of SKS’s with our kit on it and have never had an issue with any part of the stock. We did have one SKS which had a high ejection angle, which we lowered, by steepening the angle of the rear portion of the ejection port, before it knocked the flip door off. If you email us we can send you detail of the ejection mod.

Everyone who has purchased our stock kit knows we do not charge to fix any part of the stock kit which fails do to a “bad design”. We always replace the part, no questions asked. It was not known in the beginning that it was a less than good design. We did have our doubts regarding the hold down tab on the Receiver Cover Assembly from the beginning, but do to all the factors, pressures and miscellaneous complications pushing our design along, we were not in a position to do anything about it on the front end. We figured we would deal with it on the back end. Not the best way, but we didn’t have a choice.

The truth be told, we do feel bad that we did not build a closer to perfect design the first time. If we had had an extra $100,000, we could have designed a stock, built tools, produced the stock and then go through extensive test trials and afterward, redesign, build new tools and produce a near perfect product. We are just plain ol’ working stiffs who had to use every bit of our retirement to bring this kit to the market as is.

As we have mentioned before, our goal all along has been to produce an effective upgrade for the SKS that the largest number of interested people would be able to afford.

We want to thank everyone for their loyal support, both physical and moral. We know more than most, that a business is only as successful as its customer base.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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