Regarding Shipping/San Fransisco Cow Palace Show

Four months ago we were given a January ship date by our manufacturer. No one expected the build files to be missing several important details. The corrections for the tooling have been completed. We are presently waiting for the samples showing the corrections. We were to receive them over a week ago. We are expecting them any day now.  After we approve the corrections the tooling will be on their way to our molder. We know this is terribly frustrating but we are very close now. We really appreciate your patience and ask that you bear with us just a little longer.

On another note, for those who are interested in dropping by, we will be at the San Fransisco, Cow Palace show this weekend (1-16, and 1-17, 2010).

If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed in our FAQ’s, please email us at

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