Richard G.

Picked my kit up today and put it together. You do not need to cut off the front sling on the Ms. You can just cut in a inlet instead.
The yellow is what I took out. It was a Pain. Also since I left the sling mount on it gets in the way of the bracket for the tri-rail and will need to be trimmed a little. Funny thing, if you look on the SGW site FAQ it now says “We have found that there are two types of SKS’s that our stock kit will not work with: The Albanian and certain Norinco Paratrooper models that have a shorter than standard gas tube. Our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit is designed to fit a standard SKS in which the front edge of the receiver to the back edge of the forward sling point measures approximately 12 1/8″ or more. If yours is less, the stock can be made to fit, but will require modification of your SKS or our stock by you.”
This is what I meant by the inletting–this is on a model M. The gas system on these are shorter so the front sling mount is in the way. That’s how I worked around it without cutting up the M.
Got the 30s worked out. Just a tip for anyone else with a M. The Tapco mags will not work, they are way to wide. You can Dremel one down, but I’m not sure I would trust the one I did it to now.

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  1. glaros says:

    ‘We believe if it’s an SKS, it will fit.’ Those were the original words that we said based on our installing the kit on 7 different models with no issues. As soon as we got reports of the variety that can be found in the Chinese models, we of course updated our FAQ’s. If you have installation issues beyond our basic instructions that come with the kit, feel free to email us and we will do our best to help you.