saioyu97 SKS Board Supporter

I like the BP lot, it was a tat lighter than my shortie, plus it was nice and had a real firm feel to it, I love my shortie, ( maybe because I am used to her) 4000+ rds later, she handles real good, but the bullpup,, its feels really good in your hand, its like holding a large pistol, rather than a rifle… I dont know how to explain it, it has a different feeling to it, I can tell you this much, the trigger felt much smoother, and the entire thing feels easier to handle, ( even with the YUGO on it), It would be even more wicked if a para was in it ( I think)… It is definetly feels better than my sons Bullpup AK..( He has a WASR Century Arms AK Bullpup that I bought for him from J&G sales 4 months ago) and I am glad I waited for the SGW bullpup, because I like it better… Hope this helps… (Texas)

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