Scott M. 03-15-15 AL

I got the kit works great but how do I modify it to take a 30 rd ak-47 clip . I have the M version sks


SGWorks Responds:

There are a few Sporters that take AK’s on our Testimonial page that have successfully installed our kit. We were never able to get our hands on a sporter that took AK mags. So we converted a Romanian we have into a sporter. We found by removing a little material from the bottom 90 degree angle of the pistol grip, where the mag body makes contact while attempting to land the forward mag lug, that an AK mag would fit.

Here is where the mystery comes in. We’ve had customers with sporters that did the above and everything worked great, their pics are posted on our Facebook page. There has been a few who tried the above and it didn’t work for them.  One guy said he had to take so much of his pistol grip away that nothing was left. Of course we exchanged his pistol grips with new ones. Another option is to go with AK 20round tanker mags. You can check with centerfiresystems, CDNN or J&G.


SGWScott M 03-15-15 AL


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