SGWorks Forward Moving Lug (FML)

Shernic Gun Works, LLC Announcement

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We are pleased to introduce the new SGWorks Forward Moving Lug (FML) for the SGW SKS Bullpup Stock Kit!

Our Forward Moving Lug (FML) allows the use of AK style, SKS detachable magazines (also known as duckbill-less and easy mag).

Easily & quickly remove partially loaded AK style, SKS detachable mags from your SKS when necessary.

The SGWorks FML is custom made to easily install into the Main Housing chassis of our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit.  The SGWorks FML is capable of being micro adjusted to operate with any SKS installed in our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit utilizing AK style, SKS detachable mags.

As our way of saying thank you to our customers, and all those who have purchased the SGW SKS Bullpup stock kit, we will begin a Pre-Sale of SGWorks’ New Forward Moving Lug (FML) any day now. The sale, once started, will be effective until shipping of the product begins, which we expect to be about four weeks from the start of the pre-sale, maybe less.

*Estimated to ship February 2017

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