Shipping Update 6-26-11

We are receiving a lot of emails from people who mistakenly believe we have stopped shipping.  WE ARE STILL SHIPPING.  The last week of July saw a very heavy volume of sales and the first week of August was even heavier. We expect to be through orders placed on August 4, 2010 within the next week. After which, we will begin working on orders placed on the 5th.

For the record, we are running behind where we thought we would be by this time regarding shipping. Over the past week or so we have meticulously gone through our records and have created a “to be shipped chart”. This chart represents our best calculations. The chart follows:

Orders placed through: Should ship on or before:

8/31/10                                                                                      8/15/11

10/31/10                                                                                   8/22/11

11/31/10                                                                                   8/29/11

12/31/10                                                                                       9/5/11

2/28/11                                                                                    9/12/11

3/31/11                                                                                    9/19/11

5/31/11                                                                                     9/26/11

6/31/11                                                                                   10/10/11

If your month is not listed, it is because order volume for that month was low and processing will go quicker.

If everything goes according to plan, we should be completely caught up with current orders sometime in October. We expect to begin advertising a few weeks before that time as well as begin filling orders for our distributors.

On another note, the rumor of domain being up for sale is absolutely, positively false. The report we received from Go Daddy explained the domain name was part of an auction list that had never been cancelled after we purchased it in 2009. David Reedy, our webmaster, of still has both of his numbers operational and appreciates the advertising he has received. J

Finally, we understand how frustrating it is to email and call a company and receive no response. We have be getting so many calls and emails and have found it is much faster for us to respond to phone calls with an email, which is what we are doing.  Still, we have a ways to go before getting caught up with all of the phone calls and emails that have been coming in the last couple of weeks. Please bear with us, it may take a little bit but we will eventually respond to your inquiry. Thanks for your patience.

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