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First Article Samples Have Arrived

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

We have received the first article samples (for our approval to sign off on the molds) from our manufacturer today, so we will be working fast and furious to put together close-up pics and an installation video, ASAP.

On another note,  some of you may have noticed that Paypal has closed down our store as they consider us a risky business because we are making pre-sales and not shipping within 20 days. (Even though their user agreement allows for that as long as the customers are aware of that fact up front.)  Our attorney has delivered them a notice to reverse this action. We will be receiving a wireless terminal in a couple of days. Those of you that would like to purchase by credit card can call us directly starting December 5th.


Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Last Monday I met with our molding company.  We were able to double check all of the manufacturer’s  molding files, and ensure everything was correct.  This means the eight-week count down began as of 9-29-09!!!

Today I told my designer that I need to have a date on when I’m getting the final prototype or else I’m going to have to go to someone else to have them made.  (I have that option now that I have the files.)  He wrote back immediately and informed me that his builder said it should be ready in one week for our acceptance.  At that time, we’ll order additional prototypes and begin hitting as many gun shows as possible.  Of course it goes without saying that the very first thing we’ll do upon receiving the prototype is post close-up pics and an assembly video.

Thanks for all your support and perseverance!