Tim D.

Thanks for the help. I got everything functional last night. I used the drill to remove most of the material at the reinforcement and then finished with a small file and sandpaper. No side cutting with the drill bits needed. I did have to rebend the trigger wire but it looks to be Ok. Right now I don’t see a need for any new parts but if you guys haven’t sent out the front tri-rail mount you can include a new trigger wire just in case this one does break in the future. That’s the only piece that I concerns me.

Feedback on Install:

I have a ’51 Tula and this kit needed very little customizing in order to fit properly. The hardest part of this kit was removing my rear sight. It was pinned and a major PITA to remove. I broke my best screwdriver and several allen keys trying to get it out. The solution was using Compound W’s “Freeze Off”. A few squirts and the pin punched right out. The stock retainer guide needed a tiny bit removed in order to fit nice and snug. The rear barrel support needed no adjustments whatsoever. The only other thing I altered was the rear indent on the main housing for the trigger group. The trigger group would not go down far enough to lock in the leaf spring. I used a small flat file to remove about 1/16″ inch allowing the indent for the rear rounded portion of the trigger group to seat lower in the housing. If this doesn’t make sense or you you further clarification let me know. I can send you a pic or 2 to better explain.

Thanks again for keeping the dream alive and delivering a very nice bull pup kit!



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