Tom D. 4-25-15

Wow! I just completed the transition to the SGW bullpup.  It was a challenge since every “you may need to” was indeed required. My fingertips are raw and the transition is complete.
My question is: What attachment can I use for a sling? What is the safest point to attach a loop for the rear mount of the sling? My friends who have seen the finished product are jealous and I am proud, Thanks for a quality product. The results overshadow the conflict of assembly.
SGW Response:


That’s so fun to hear! That is what is so cool about this conversion, being that every SKS’s fit varies so much. It actually becomes unique to you, so each picture sent in to us to publish seems to have each owner’s personality wrapped up in it.

We have a durable, hard use strap sling point that is custom to our stock. You can find it on our website’s store page and there is a link that shows the installation process just below the picture.

Hope that helps and thanks for your encouraging words!


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