2/26/10 Tooling Arrival Date/Phoenix This Weekend

We just got word that the tooling is on the boat and is scheduled to reach Long Beach port March 14, 2010. It typically takes 3 days, sometimes longer, to get through customs. They will then be trucked to our manufacturer. The tooling will have its protective coating removed and then lubed and coated for use.

Once we receive our completed kits, which include all the hardware, as well as the front tri-rail attachment and extended magazine release lever attachment. We will be shipping according to order date. We feel we can process 100 kits a week. We will start with our July orders and make an announcement each time we begin to process a new month’s pre-sale orders. Once we process your order we will email you your tracking number so you can know when to expect your stock kit.

We will see those that live in the area this weekend at the Phoenix Gun Show 2/27-2/28.


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