Update 12-22-09

As you know, we received our 1st samples from our mold builder, just over a week ago. The final files worked out a couple of issues really well. Going through the samples did reveal there were a couple of prototype changes that somehow did not make it into the final files. Those issues have already been sent back to the manufacturer, and I’m told shouldn’t take long at all to correct.

On another note, we’re doing our best to very soon post another video with one of the real stocks, as well as an installation video.

Also, our store is back open with a purchase button from Gunpal, a company that isn’t all wrapped up in all the PC that goes on these days. We are still dealing with the Paypal issue. In fact, any of you out there who feels compelled to contact Paypal, feel free to contact Stephanie at Executive  Escalations executiveoffice@paypal.com , or call 1-402-935-5073. Just let her know that while you appreciate Paypal’s concern for your protection, frankly, you really just prefer the stock. This is just another obstacle for us to get over…

We will be at the Ontario Gunshow January 2nd and 3rd, for those of you that live in the area.

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