Update 8-23-11

Regretfully, we have had to slow down on our shipping.

We received many more presales than we ever expected.  And on top of the additional costs of the stock, which are now accounted for in the stock kit price, the labor cost of  working to rapidly fulfill our back-orders far out paced the number of orders coming in. Additionally, we were opposed to advertising with such a long wait, neither could we develop our dealership program until we fulfilled our existing back orders.

Early on we were involved in preliminary talks which would have provided the finances necessary to carry SGWorks to a position of positive cash flow. Our inexperience in how these matters work, allowed us to believe our search was over and that in several weeks all the details would be taken care of and all would be well. The weeks turned into more weeks and before we knew it, months had gone by.

We finally realized we need to be moving forward in several directions until the goal is reached, no matter what we are being told. The deal is never done until the deal is done.

We are now moving forward toward completing the final details for proper financing. We’ve been heading toward this end for a while, and it was with the information we had regarding how long it would take, that we based our new shipping schedule. Unfortunately, like everything else we’ve done, we underestimated the time it would actually take for the process to be completed. The plan was to reduce shipping volume, in order to finance the various expenses involved in acquiring funding and afterwards we would increase the volume of assembly and shipping. We estimated within three months or so, we would catch up with our back orders as well as be well on our way with our next project.

We realize this has been a very rough ride for everyone involved. Being less than a small business, with the word “Gun” in our name, as well as working stiffs to boot, no one would touch us regarding financing in the traditional sense. The question became, can ordinary Americans with a dream, still build a business from nothing.

We are very sorry for the delay. We realize it is very disappointing. We also want you to know, we did not come this far from where we began to give up and quit. We have a dream of really making a difference in this country. If you ordered a stock(s), you will receive them. As our policy has always been, should you need a refund for any reason, please let us know.

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