William W.

Here is a picture of my SKS with the SGW bullpup stock installed. I had to take a small amount off the front of the handguard and a little off the rear of the stock where the rear of the receiver mates up. The stock fits very snug now. It has been worth the wait, it is a fantastic stock, the balance is superior to the military stock. I now only await my second stock and the picatinny rails….thank you.

The trigger group would seem to latch, but when the safety was rotated to the “off” position, the trigger group would pop loose. I slowly filed a small amount of plastic off the upper rear of the stock where the back of the receiver hits the stock. Only file a little at a time, try the fit, then… take another small bit off. After about the fifth try, the trigger group latched solid with no wiggle. The safety could be operated without problem. The second picture shows the spot to remove plastic. Right in front of the three empty squares is a solid pad that the receiver end sits on. Hope this helps….


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